Reliable Feeling: Touch – Mira Brtka, Korina Gubik, Andrea Ivanović Jakšić, Zvonimir Pudełka, Zvonimir Santrač and Bosiljka Zirojević Lečić

12-15th October, 2017
Millenáris Cultural Center and Park
Kis Rókus utca 16–20, Budapest
Hall B, booth G005




Participants of the exhibition “Reliable Feeling: Touch” insist on the layered and material constitution of the painting surface. Paper mache, cardboard, a combination of painted canvas and terracotta surfaces, leather, fur, surfaces made of plastic granules and scrap metal – constitute an exciting material structure requiring not only visual but also tactile perception. This structured image can be understood as a reaction to the dominant global systemic digital visualization, which introduces us more and more into the world of virtual images. And in these virtual images, the contours of reality are lost, which, according to Peter Sloterdijk, leads to stress and personality split. Because of this, touch, to which we are challenged and invited by such works of art, becomes an essential addition to visuality – as a reliable feeling, a confirmation of the concreteness of the image, and a reminder that man belongs to the real world.

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with Fondation Little Prince and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

Working hours of the fair:

Thursday, 12.10.    11h-20h
Friday, 13.10.         11h-22h
Saturday, 14.10.    11h-20h
Sunday, 15.10.      11h-19h