On Friday, December 16th 2016, at 7pm, Bel Art Gallery in cooperation with art studio Wolf Art, is opening exhibition by Vuk Vučković “Sensantional cities – Novi Sad, Belgrade, New York”.

Vuk’s latest series of paintings is called Cities. He paints highly detailed panoramas of the world’s most famous cities and these paintings are done with oil colours on a huge canvas. They represent everything that makes a city unique. By using a comprehensive method of painting and placing a wide, panoramic shot in the centre of the observer’s view and sphere of interest, the artist wants to bring his message closer, filled with colors missing from our daily lives, and at the same time inform and intrigue the viewer about the city in the picture as well as the city in reality; to record through colours the soul and temperament of each city, to leave a culturological and historical document, as well as an artistic image of all of the significant places from the aspect of both past and present. The works from this series can be defined as a mixture of surrealism, naïve and psychedelic art. In them, influences from childhood can be seen, including picture books, Lego blocks, video games, as well as the works of the artist’s favourite old masters, Bosch and Bruegel.

About his creations, Vuk Vučković says:

“I put myself in the role of “chronicler”; through my paintings I record the city in the present. I strive to preserve the beauty of the city by reminding people of it. I try to highlight the good things that make a city, to show it in a positive light to both those who live there as well as tourists. People identify with cities, which evoke strong emotions. Cities are sometimes beyond borders and countries. My intention is that through this series of images I encourage the observer to expand his or her knowledge of the culture and history of the cities that I paint, with the idea that when we learn, then we will understand, and when we understand, then we will preserve and nurture.”

Vuk Vučković (1986) graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where he started his doctoral studies in painting the same year. Since 2015, he has been the co-founder of the artistic company Wolf Art. Vuk has been exhibiting his art since 2007, and so far he has exhibited at 17 solo and more than 100 group exhibitions, for which he has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Erste Bank Art Award, Top five exhibitions of 2011 chosen by critics from the editorial staff of the Novosti newspaper, first prize in the Vladimir Veličković Foundation drawing competition, a special recognition at the international exhibition Transform, as well as the Art Clinic’s “Perspective artist” award. Vuk’s works can be found in numerous collections and in public spaces. Due to his many achievements, Vuk Vučković is one of the most successful young artists in Serbia. His vision is to create an international company which would promote culture and art.

The exhibition is open until January 5th, 2017.