Memory, detail

Memory (detail), 2013, mixed media, 160×180 cm

Graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Department of Painting. She works with different media and varioius forms of visual expression. Andrea had many solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad (Japan, Hungary, Switzerland). Her works can be found in private collections (Serbia, Greece, Italy, Japan, USA) and in corporate collection Philip Morris International – Niš Art Foundation.

Selected exhibitions: 2013 -2006 Annual Exhibition of Young artists, Philip Morris Niš Art Foundation (Niš, Belgrade, Novi Sad); 2011 Exhibition of objects and paintings Love Your Destiny, Nova galerija, Belgrade; 2010 Paintings exhibition Improving the skill of existance, Gallery Zlatno oko, Novi Sad; Exhibition of objects and paintings, Plain art festival, Erlin Gallery, Budapest (Hungary); 2009 Objects and drawings exhibition To be a Man, Arte Gallery, Belgrade; 2003 Project “ From the Republic Square“, Gallery Appel, Tokio (Japan); Project From the Republic Square, La Galerie de Artelibre, Gallery cafe Sarajevo, Osaka (Japan);

Awards: 2011 The first award of Philip Moris Niš Art Foundation; 2009 Stimulative award of Philip Moris Niš Art Foundation; 2006 The third award of Philip Moris Niš Art Foundation; 2004 Award for drawing Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.